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Wisdom teeth are molars in the upper and lower third region of your mouth. Patients around 16-30 years old develop them. Due to the age of the patient, wisdom teeth are named as the patient will have gained some ‘wisdom’ hence the name. For many people, these molars can cause pain and discomfort. However, some people never have an issue with their wisdom teeth and keep them their whole lives. For patients that require it, wisdom teeth extraction is a very common procedure. 

How do I know if I need wisdom teeth removal?

There are a few signs and ways you can tell that you need to consult a dentist about your wisdom teeth woes. Read on for signs you need wisdom teeth extraction. 

If you are in pain

Wisdom teeth can be very painful and cause pain and pressure in your jaw. This can affect your everyday quality of life. Your pain can make you feel miserable.  It’s a great idea to make an appointment with your trusted dentist and discuss your options about wisdom teeth extractions.

You have ‘crowding’ teeth in your mouth

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems such as dental crowding. This means that your teeth don’t have a lot of room in your mouth. This isn’t good for comfort but also for oral hygiene. If there is a lot of crowding it can mean that food can be stuck and the area cannot be cleaned properly. This can lead to infections and tooth decay. When your wisdom teeth are extracted your teeth can move and have more room

The teeth cannot come down due to being trapped or ‘impacted’

If your teeth come down in such a way that they cannot come out it can cause a lot of pain and potentially other issues. Impacted teeth can cause cysts and other issues. Cysts are quite serious as they can potentially damage other tooth roots. 

The teeth cannot come down properly and only come down to go back up

Sometimes your teeth can partially come down and then go back up due to not having any room. This means that bacteria can become trapped and cause infection. 

Are wisdom teeth always removed?

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No, there are some people who have teeth that cause them no trouble at all. There isn’t a  one size fits all approach to the decision to go ahead with wisdom tooth extraction. The decision is best made in consultation with your trusted dentist about what’s the best approach for you. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort at all make an appointment with your dentist. 

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