Intravenous Sedation Dentistry

If you feel overwhelming anxiety when you think of visiting the dentist, you aren’t alone. A phobia of dental care isn’t uncommon. To help you complete your procedures with ease, the Kinross Drive Dental team offers sedation dentistry options including oral medicationnitrous oxide and intravenous (IV) sedation, also called twilight sedation. We’ll provide the care you need while you feel free from any nervousness and phobia and minimise your discomfort.

Stress-Free Dental Care

IV sedation allows you to be in a relaxed state while you undergo treatment. The medication given is a sedative administered via injection. You’ll feel as if you’re sleeping but are still conscious, unlike general anaesthetic that is administered in hospital.

Once the sedation has taken effect, we can perform any necessary procedures. In fact, IV sedation is effective for completing several different dental treatments in one sitting. After we’ve finished your dental work, you will wake up and feel as if no time at all has passed by. It’s an effective way to relieve any stress that you feel when thinking about being in discomfort since you won’t be aware of the treatment that is being done.

The Many Benefits of IV Sedation

Apart from not feeling any pain or fear, IV sedation offers several additional advantages:


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