Teeth Whitening

Who wouldn’t want to show off a bright, gorgeous smile? At Kinross Drive Dental, our friendly, experienced team is here to assist you in reaching your oral health goals like teeth whitening. With many solutions available, we can meet the needs of all ages in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

If you’d like to make your smile whiter and more dazzling, teeth whitening is a simple procedure that will rejuvenate your look. It’s become one of the most popular options within cosmetic dentistry thanks to its simplicity and convenience. We offer whitening in-chair and in the form of a take-home kit.

A Unique Quick-Releasing Formula

Our whitening system is from Pola, a market leader trusted around the world by dental professionals. This noninvasive method of tooth whitening breaks down even deeper stains by using an advanced formula. It breaks down into water and oxygen ions that enter the tooth enamel, transforming stain molecules into colourless particles. The molecules leave naturally thanks to saliva, which helps you have a brighter smile.


If you’re looking to gain a whiter smile in the shortest amount of time possible, in-chair whitening may be your ideal solution. It involves just 30 minutes of your time during a single visit to our practice. You’ll be fitted with trays in which the whitening gel is applied, supervised the entire time by our dental team. After your time is up, you’ll leave with teeth that are remarkably whiter. Thanks to pola’s formula, the possibility of sensitivity afterwards is greatly reduced.

If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home, our do-it-yourself kits give outstanding results. You’ll receive custom-made trays fabricated from impressions we’ve taken in clinic. Once your kit is ready, you’ll pick it up. The whitening gel is applied into the tray and worn at home until the desired results have been reached. We’ll provide you with every detail of what you need to know to complete the process correctly.


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