Children’s Dentistry

Kinross Drive Dental is a warm and friendly place where patients of all ages can find the dental solutions they need. We offer children’s dentistry where kids can have a fun, positive experience. By teaching them good oral habits early and helping them enjoy their visits, they’ll be set up to show off a healthy and happy smile for life.

We recommend that your child have biannual dental checkups once their first teeth emerge.

Your Child’s First Appointment - Children's Dentistry

During a 15-30 minute appointment, we’ll give a gentle examination of your child’s teeth, counting them and looking at their jaw, gums, bite and entire mouth. They’ll meet our kind staff, and we’ll look over our dental equipment and tools with them so that they feel familiar with our practice.

We emphasise the importance of preventative care, so your child will learn about brushing and flossing regularly and why they should have checkups. By seeing them twice a year, we can stop any potential issues before they become costlier and more serious to treat.

Feeling Comfortable

You’ll find that Dr Jessica Filipiak (Dentist) is a caring professional who wants your kids to feel relaxed when they visit us. As a mum of two, she understands how to talk to them on a level that they will appreciate and respond well to.

We even recommend that your child accompany you to an appointment before they have a checkup so that they can get used to our environment.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides $1013 in benefits for eligible children from ages 2-17. The benefits are available every two consecutive years and treatment is bulk-billed through Medicare for children’s dentistry Kinross.


We are Preferred Providers for All Major Health Funds

Medicare Bulk Billing for CDBS Eligible Children


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