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Protect Your Sweet Tooth This Holiday Season

protect your tooth on EasterTis the season for chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow treats and other assorted Easter goodies. With baskets brimming with sugary delights, you want to ensure that you safeguard your dental health this holiday season. Here are some tips:

tooth-check-icon Minimise Consumption

Limit candy consumption to a treat or two a day. Also, keep up a scrupulous dental routine including brushing at least twice a day and flossing once daily.

tooth-check-icon Choose Chocolate

Select chocolate treats versus lollies or other goodies that can get stuck between the teeth. Dark chocolate is better than milk when it comes to your teeth as it usually doesn’t contain as much sugar. It’s also the least processed variety. Dark chocolate also has some health benefits as it contains polyphenols, tannins and flavonoids. These antioxidants are good for your teeth and overall health.

tooth-check-icon Drink Plenty of Water

By drinking water throughout the day, your teeth can stay strong and healthy. Water also rinses away sugar and bacteria that can lead to decay. Opt for fluoridated water which offers additional protection against cavities.

Schedule an Appointment

Dental checkups are vital as we can detect any minor issues before they become bigger problems. Preventative visits can go a long towards keeping your family’s smiles healthy and beautiful.

Please note our Easter holiday hours:

banner special hoursThursday 18th April – normal trading hours
Good Friday – closed
Easter Saturday – closed
Easter Sunday – closed
Easter Monday – closed
Tuesday 23rd April – Saturday 27th April – closed
Monday 29th April – normal trading hours resume

We encourage you to book your kids to have their dental checkups during the first week of their school holidays as we’re closed the second week. Call today!

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