Scale and Cleans

You deserve to show off a gorgeous smile that boosts your self-confidence. At Kinross Drive Dental, we provide a range of services to address your every need. Your brushing and flossing routines are an essential part of protecting your oral health.

A professional dental cleaning, also known by the name scale and clean, removes the plaque and tartar that your at-home routine can’t address.

Prevent Decay and Disease

Regular cleanings remove the buildup on your teeth that, if left untreated, will result in decay, infection and may eventually result in losing your teeth. With a simple scale and clean appointment, you can give your gums and teeth the best chance at being healthy over your lifetime.

Do You Need a Scale and Clean?

If you can feel a layer on your teeth that isn’t removed after brushing, you likely need a scale and clean. Stains from cigarette smoke, coffee, tea, red wine and jaw pain are also indicators that a scale and clean is required.


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