tooth extraction in children

A baby tooth extraction procedure involves having a baby tooth pulled out by a dentist or oral surgeon. A baby tooth extraction may cause anxiety for both parents and children, but the procedure is straightforward and less involved than a tooth extraction in adults.

Why Do Children Need Tooth Extractions?

Your dentist may recommend extraction for your child for a number of reasons:

What Does Tooth Extraction In Children Involve?

Your dentist will start with an X-ray to check out the tooth’s roots and bone condition. A simple extraction typically only requires a local anaesthetic. Your dentist will then remove the tooth with forceps. 

More difficult extractions may require removing some of the gum tissue near the tooth so that the tooth can be extracted. This kind of procedure usually requires sedation through nitrous oxide or IV. Sedation dentistry is an increasingly common and safe option for children undergoing more complex dental procedures and can help reduce pain and anxiety.  Contact Us Now @  (08) 6201 6555 to get more information.