Want to keep smiling for years to come?

In addition to keeping up with your regular dental visits as well as brushing and flossing each day, you’ll want to consider your diet. The foods you eat every day play a big role in both your overall and oral health.

Here’s a list of foods to enjoy more often, and a few you’ll want to consume only in moderation to keep your pearly whites sparkling.

Healthy Options for Your Teeth

Reaching for a snack? Consider these options:

Foods and Drinks to Avoid

We all know that sweets aren’t good for our smiles—but here are a few other culprits that aren’t so obvious.

Time for A Visit?

If you’ve been eating too many foods on our ‘bad’ list, don’t worry—we’re here for you. Contact us to schedule a checkup and clean. We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.