Custom Mouthguards

The team at Kinross Drive Dental provides a range of quality dentistry services to suit your needs. If you play sport, you may have experienced an injury to your mouth. You can protect your oral health by wearing a custom-created mouthguard during practice and games.

Estimates say that about a third of sporting injuries affect the mouth and teeth. Approximately half of children have had a dental-related injury such as chipped or broken teeth, fractures or dislocations.
It’s of utmost importance to protect you or your child’s oral health with a mouthguard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mouthguards aren’t just for professional athletes or elite levels of sport. They’re for anyone who enjoys playing, even if it’s a game with your kids on the weekend.

Mouthguards are appropriate for any sport that involves contact such as cricket, rugby, football, volleyball, wrestling and more.

We take impressions and send it to our laboratory with the necessary information that ensures a perfect fit. Unlike over-the-counter options, it won’t feel bulky or loose. Your mouthguard is fabricated to exact specifications, fitting comfortably into your mouth and allowing you to speak normally.

A mouthguard is made of a material that is flexible yet can absorb any impact to the area. It lessens the potential for damage to the skull, jaw and teeth.

When your mouthguard is custom-created for you, it will fit smoothly over your teeth with no extra bulk that leaves you unable to speak clearly. Furthermore, the materials used are long-lasting and durable, so it won’t need to be replaced frequently.


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